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hashizm★ (★を@にしてください)


1972 graduated the Department of Sociology,Faculty of Letters,the University of Tokyo
1974 graduated the Department of Sociology,Graduate School of Sociology,the University of Tokyo (M.A. of Sociology)
1977.4~1978.3 finished the doctor course of Graduate School of Sociology,the University of Tokyo, after that,wrote articles and books as a freelance researcher
1989.3~1995.4 Associate Professor of Sociology,Faculty of Engineering,Tokyo Institute of Technology
1995.5~1996.4 Professor of Sociology,Faculty of Engineering,Tokyo Institute of Technology
1996.5~ Professor of Sociology,Department of Value and Decision Science,Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology,Tokyo Institute of Technology


1985 Language Games and the Social Theory, Keiso Shobo
1986 The Discursive Strategy of Buddhism, Keiso Shobo
1988 Structuralism for Beginners, Kodansha
1989 Social Science as Adventure, Mainichi Shimbunsha
1991 What Should We Think in Modern Thoughts?, Keiso Shobo
1992 Democracy Is the Best Political System Ever Invented, Gendai Shokan
1992 KOMURO NAOKI: His Studies and Thoughts, co-authored with Takahiko Soejima, Yudachisha
1993 The Collected Papers of D. Hashizume vol.I On Bodies, Keiso Shobo
1993 The Collected Papers of D. Hashizume vol.II On Sexual Space, Keiso Shob
1993 The Collected Papers of D. Hashizume vol.III On Institutions, Keiso Shobo
1993 Sociology for Beginners, Kodansha
1993 My Draft of Japanese Constitution, co-authored with Tamio Kageyama, Tomofusa Kure and others, Komichi Shobo
1994 Cui Jian: A Superstar in Turbulent China, Iwanami Shoten
1994 Thoughts Reviving Oneself/ Thoughts Reforming Society, co- authored with Seiji Takeda, Komichi Shobo
1995 A New Japan; the Nation to Be Reorganized, co-authored with Keitaro Hasegawa, Gakushu Kenkyusha
1995 Science, Technology and the Existencs of Humankind, co- authored and co-edited with Yoshitaka Nitta, Fujitsu Books
1995 Problems of Japan at the End of the 20th Century, Gentosha
1996 The Aum Incident and the Nation State, co-authored with Tomofusa Kure, Takahiro Ohtsuki and others, Nanpusha
1995 On Sexual Love, Iwanami Shoten
1995 Lectures on Society, Natsume Shobo
1997 Lectures on Society 2, Natsume Shobo
1997 Justice,War,and the National State, co-authored with Seiji Takeda and Yoshinori Kobayashi, Komichi Shobo
1997 Opening of Japanese Research Positions to the International Scientific Community, co-authored and co-edeited with Yuji Kamiya, Fujitsu Keiei Kenkyujo
1997 Cui Jian: A Superstar in Turbulent China (English version), the Japnese Association for the Study of Popular Music
1999 Educational Reform with Choice, Responsibility, and Solidality, Iwanami Shoten
1999 Educational Reform with Choice, Responsibility and Solidality: Toward the Recovery of School Functions, Iwanami Shoten
2000 Value and Decision Making, Introduction to Dicision Science and Technology
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2000 HIROHITO'S WAR RESPONSIBILITY, Komichi Shobo (Hashizume, N.Katoh, S.Takeda)
2000 The Making of Happiness,
2001 East Asia in Globalization:An Intervier with Ezra F.Vogel, Heibonsha (Hashizume, Ezra F.Vogel)
2001 Managing Uncertainty In a Gloval Age, Kosaido.Co (Hashizume, T.Kanai)
2002 Changing World After September 11:A Dialogue, Asahi Shi‚bun (Hashizume, H.Shimada)
2002 Postwar Japan and Beyond, Keiso Shobo Publishing Co.Ltd
2002 Changing World after September 11 : A Dialogue, co-authored with Hiromi Shimada, Asahi Shimbun
2003 Rethinking the Mind : A Language Game Approach, Chikumashobo
2003 Rethinking Thno's War Responsibility, co-authored with Kiyohiko Ikeda, Masatoshi Izaki,
Itsuo Kohama, Atsushi Koyano, Hidetsugu Yagi and Tsukasa Yoshida, Yosensha
2003 Law and Society, PHP Institute
2003 Yoshimoto Takaaki Forever, Yosensha
2004 Language, Sex, and Power, Shunjusha
2005 On America, PHP Institute
2005 China Our Neighbor, Natsume Shobo
2005 Book Reviews, Kaichosha
2006 An Introduction to Sociology of Religion, Chikumashobo
2007 Wonders of Society, Asahi
2008 Lectures on Politics and Economics, Chikumashobo
2008 Lectures on Society, Chikumashobo
2008 Social Science As Adventure, Yosensha
2008 Global Warming and Carbon Accounting, Yosensha
2008 Memorial Services for Independent Buddhists, Komichi Shobo


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